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Here are some of the many testimonials we have received:

“CNG Business Services’ outsourcing solutions have proved to be very useful to our company. They are an effective, low cost solution for customer support services and new business generation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CNG Business Services to other companies looking to save costs and increase efficiency.”

Gary Jennison, Managing Director, Payzone (Outsourcing)

“We have been very impressed with the 24/7 technical services provided to AURA and our international telecom clients. Complicated processes have been handled with ease and flexibility. More surprising though is the overall value for money provided.”

George Christoff, MD, Aura Network Corporation (Outsourcing)

“As our company continues to expand and thrive, we are pleased to outsource our back-office activity to CNGBS which will help save us time and money, allowing us to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Andrew Ariaratnam, CTO, SGS International (Outsourcing)

“We continue to entrust certain of our outsourced services to CNG Business Services. CNG deliver an efficient and professional service, interfacing directly with our customers and provide a cost effective solution for the needs of our business.”

Peter Jackson, Sales Manager, Toshiba TEC U.K. Imaging Systems Ltd (Outsourcing)

“CNG Business Services has helped us to test the market for our industry-leading travel services.”

Ruslan Piatrou, Director, Hotel Express

“CNG Business Services delivers value to our organisation. They are dedicated to the assigned tasks and perform them both efficiently and cost effectively. They are an additional resource that we rely on.”

Mr. Haydock, Newsagent , Cumbria (E Top-Up)

“I am very happy with the ATM that CNG Business Services has provided me. The service has been good and I have already seen my sales increase. Thank You.”

Mr. Virmani , Convenience Store, Co-Durham (ATM)

CNG Business Services has helped me obtain an ATM at a much cheaper price than I was able to myself. They have saved me money, and the ATM has proved popular. I would definitely recommend CNG Business Services to others.

Mr. Iqbel, Convenience Store, Mid Lothian (ATM)

“CNG has been very easy to deal with. The whole application process was simple, and I had my ATM installed in my shop only a few weeks after I first contacted CNG Business Services.”

Mr. Hanif, Off -Licence , Glasgow (ATM)

“We have used storeys:ssp for many years to help us reduce our Business Rates. We have found them to be a very professional organisation and they have indeed saved us money.”

Maynews Ltd., Newsagent Multiple, Yorkshire (Business Rates Appeal)

“I am extremely happy with the E Top-Up service that CNG Business Services has provided me. I have seen my shop turnover rise as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Mr. Haydock, Newsagent , Cumbria (E Top-Up)

“I have been a customer of CNG for many years and have always been happy with them. Now I am also a CNG Business Services customer for their E Top-Up service; demand for this product is continuing to grow rapidly with our pupils.”

Ms. Hammond, School Shop, Surrey (E Top-Up)

“I am a customer for CNG Business Services’ E Top-Up solution and am very happy with the price, the product and the service level offered. I would not hesitate to recommend CNG Business Services to others.”

Mr. Khan, Newsagent, Sheffield (E Top-Up)

“We saved £1,000 on our electricity with CNG Business Services. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Medallion Plc, Printing Company, Middlesex (Electricity)

“CNG Business Services saved me £330 compared with Powergen! Thank You.”

Rita Valpiani, Fashion Retailer, North Yorkshire (Electricity)

“Our company saved £725 on Electricity with CNG Business Services. I would recommend them to others.”

Mr. A. S. Amin, Solicitor, London (Electricity)

“Our office supplies company provides us with excellent customer support as well as a wide range of products at the most competitive prices. Their on-line ordering system is easy to use and helps us to monitor our purchasing.”

Maynews Ltd., Newsagent Multiple, Yorkshire (Office Supplies)

“I am very pleased with the free placement that CNG Business Services have given me on my digital photocopier. This was the best deal I could find!”

Ms. Johal, Newsagent, Surrey (Photocopier)

“As a charity, we need to keep our expenses as low as possible. For this reason we chose CNG Business Services to provide us with low cost calls for both our offices and mobile telephones. We are extremely pleased with our savings – thank you!”

The Confectioners Benevolent Fund, Charity, London (Telephone)

“We are very happy with our great telephone savings! We have been a CNG customer for many years and have always found them ready to help. We would not hesitate to recommend CNG Business Services to anyone else. We wish we had come to them earlier. ?”

Mr. Sansom, Convenience Shop, Hertfordshire (Telephone)