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CNG Business Services is a fast-growing business-to-business marketing company which offers several different services to suppliers.

Our Retailer Revenue Enhancement & Financial Solutions offering can provide suppliers access to over 3,000 SME retailers in the UK with whom we have developed a trusted relationship. Using our services means you can get in front of your target audience at a much lower marginal acquisition cost than normal. Our solutions are win-win for all parties; suppliers increase sales to customers to whom they have not successfully been able to market and customers benefit as they are offered a lower price by purchasing through our nominated suppliers.

In addition, we can also help suppliers with ethnic marketing to several different ethnographics, particularly to South Asians. We are also a trusted source for genuinely advantageous pricing to thousands of South Asian small business owners.

CNG Business Services’ value proposition to our nationwide customer base is that we provide them with products and services at prices below which they could obtain as independent businesses.

We are proud of the relationships we have with our suppliers. They are all national companies which provide the same high quality service to all our customers regardless of their size or geographic location.

For further information or to discuss your specific marketing requirements, please contact us on 01904 692 447.

We are proud to have relationships with the following companies

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