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Thursday 30th June 2011 –

CNG Business Services (CNGBS), a York based company that provides cost saving strategies for companies of all sizes, has launched a dedicated outsourcing division focusing on the telecommunications industry.

Providing a portfolio of services which aim to improve quality for callers and profits for clients, CNGBS has developed its own range of outsourced solutions for telecom providers.

Managing director Sanjeev Patel said: “The telecommunications market is a growing industry sector. We identified that there were opportunities to provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to those businesses who want to work more efficiently and provide a quality service for their customers while maintaining a commercially viable operation.”

CNGBS monitors and manages the quality of customers’ calls through its Network Operations Centre (NOC) suite of solutions.

The service provided by CNGBS’s engineers monitors carriers’ performance, evaluates average success rates of calls placed to different locations on different routes and reroutes them hourly to ensure the highest call quality is maintained at the lowest possible cost.

This helps ensure that callers are not faced with crackling lines and disconnection.