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Wednesday, 6th May 2009 – Channel Info

New company saves up to 50 per cent costs

A company providing an outsourced meter reading service to photocopier dealers says it can cut costs by as much as 50 per cent. CNG Business Services says it is currently working with 2,500 independent businesses all over the UK, providing everything from insurance and merchant services through to office supplies and photocopiers. Recent expansion has seen the creation of a new back office in Mumbai, India from where CNG offers outsourcing solutions.

Sanjeev Patel, Principal of the CNG group of companies, says: “Our proposition to our customers is that the products we supply are cheaper through us than by going direct to the supplier. By acting as an outsourced sales generator for our suppliers, we are able to provide new customers at a low marginal acquisition cost, and this is reflected in extremely keen pricing which we pass on to our customers.”

“From our own experience, we are aware of the challenges in managing a diverse customer base, particularly for invoicing purposes,” says Patel. “After discussions with one of our business suppliers, we realised the potential to overlap our skills for their customers and undertook a trial to accurately record their monthly photocopier meter readings from their fleet of 2,500 diverse machines. We have since been retained by this client and have been providing them with a monthly meter reading service ever since.”

As well as increased efficiency, CNG says its client has seen significant cost savings, with an over 50 per cent reduction in the cost of carrying out monthly meter readings themselves.

“For this client, the savings are approximately £17,000 per annum. This is money that can be used to better promote the sales of photocopiers, which is particularly useful in this economy. Also, by providing accurate monthly meter readings, they are able to invoice faster and this helps their cashflow.”

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