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Telemarketing & Telesales

Your relationship with your customers is very important. Any interaction with them should help strengthen this.

CNG Business Services provides a suite of outbound solutions to develop your customer relationship.

This includes:

  • B2B telemarketing
  • Telephone surveys
  • Win-Back programmes
  • Welcome calls
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • Mail Follow-up

This is a complementary product to our lead generations and ethnic sales & marketing programmes.

B2B Telemarketing

  • We provide cost effective B2B telemarketing solutions to both increase your product awareness and to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing to customers in other media.
  • By making the effort to have a direct interaction with your customer, , you can provide them with the information they need to make a decision. We favour non-scripted approaches as they are more fluid and respectful to your customers.
  • We provide these services across all continents and in a variety of languages.

Win-Back programmes

  • We all appreciate that it is much more difficult to acquire a new customers then to sell an additional product to an existing customer.
  • When faced with a customer who has stopped using your services, or is about to, the interaction must be handled carefully. After all, this can have a direct impact on your P & L – it can cost a lot less to resolve the issues being faced by a consumer than to acquire a new customer.
  • We can handle this interaction, and armed with your pricing policies, we can ensure the retention cost is as low as possible.

Telephone Surveys

  • We regularly carry out telephone surveys for our clients. It is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of interacting with customers and seeking their feedback.
  • Customers are usually very happy to provide both positive and negative comments as they appreciate the efforts to which their suppliers are going to improve their product or service offering regardless of whether it is an outsourced telemarketing provider calling or not.

Welcome Calls

  • A welcome call to a new customer is a small embellishment to your service offering but one which has a profound impact on your customer interaction.
  • Knowing that a supplier is interested in your custom means that a customer is more likely to get in touch at the outset of a problem and have the matter quickly addressed before it can damage a customer relationship. While a happy customer will not tell as many people as a disgruntled one, their interaction with other potential customers is important and should be facilitated whenever possible.

Mail Follow-Up

  • The most effective marketing often happens by utilising various media channels. CNG can follow-up with customers who have just received a postal or electronic communication from your company. Frequently, while a potential customer may be interested in a product, they don’t take the time to ask questions and enquire further. By calling the customer directly, these queries can be handled directly leading to a higher conversion rate and a more effective marketing campaign.

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