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Telecom Services

We provide a full suite of outsourced technical support services for the telecom sector. This includes full Network Operations Centre (NOC) operations. We operate on a 24/7 basis and can deliver tremendous cost savings & efficiency improvements to your company.

In particular, we offer the following NOC services which are of interest to wholesale telecom and calling card companies:

1. Network Operations Centre Full 24/7 Active Traffic Monitoring

We have experienced Network Operations Centre, NOC, engineers who monitor traffic patterns for all destinations on an hourly basis. Our Network Operations Centre processes include monitoring Average Success Rate & Average Call Duration and our engineers make routing changes to ensure better quality for customers but also keeping in mind profitability levels. We also perform Carrier Performance monitoring, Lowest Cost Routing monitoring and changes, Forced Routing, Routing Changes and Route Blocking to name but a few. We can report for the whole switch site or even down to a report per customer level to ensure the best service. This self-monitoring of traffic on an hourly basis ensures that the quality being provided to wholesale or retail customers is of the highest quality, and it also ensures vendors are continuously monitored. We have worked on the backend and frontend of major calling card platforms such as DigiTalk, Cisco VoIP Products, ECT, Excel Switches, NACT Switches, Auris Platform, Nextone SBCs, VoIP Switch, VSRs and a lot of custom Asterisk based solutions.

2. Trouble Ticket Resolution

Here our NOC operations support trouble tickets created either via email or phone calls or IM support from customers. Customers’ trouble tickets are handled in a highly professional manner with technical reports being sent to the client for every case. Our NOC engineers ensure that the turnaround time for Trouble Tickets is as low as possible. We ensure that appropriate corrective action is taken against any genuine issues and technically correct and professional replies are given to customers where this is not the case. Counter tickets are also opened with vendors both actively while the monitoring is done and also when there are customer complaints so that we can resolve the customer issues and also we can take proper steps to ensure that the vendor’s quality stays in check. In both situations, the team creates full documentation of all reports, cases, trouble tickets and most importantly routing changes in order to have full clarity for audit purposes. All processes are, of course, fully customizable for a client’s particular requirements.

3. Customer Services

We provide customer services solutions to calling card and long distance companies. We support all kinds of products such as regular physical calling cards, Web based (Pin based) calling cards, Pin-less products, DID based products or Long Distance Accounts and SIM card based products. We have a comprehensive understanding of how these products work and experience with the Customer Service Panel for many platforms used widely in the industry like DigiTalk, Cisco VoIP Products, ECT, Excel Switches, NACT Switches, Auris Platform, Nextone SBCs, VoIP Switch etc. Our technical support teams can also assist in the diagnosis and remedy of problems on such systems.

4. Back End Order Processing Services

We perform complete back end processing for internet orders of card & pins. This includes customer verification, card verification, order verification, suspicious activity monitoring, payment processing and then final release of pins. We also follow up with customers up-selling ad ons and reminding them about their account balances.

5. Rate Upload and Management

We understand that the commercial success of a telecom company providing wholesale or calling cards depends on the rate uploads coming in from its vendors being properly managed and uploaded in a timely fashion in the switch. Profitability also depends on effective changes in routing based on the different rates received. Our NOC team completely manages these rate uploads on a day to day basis and ensures that any rate reductions offered by vendors are taken complete advantage of. We also ensure that proper routing changes are made for the codes that are increasingly being used so as not to impact on profitability.

6. Active Management of Rate Plans, PIN Inventory and other aspects of the calling card business

Due to our in depth experience with all aspects of the calling card process, our team can help you create rate plans for calling cards. We can present various options of the fees available on the portal / switch to make the rate deck most effective both commercially and technically.

7. Commercial and Technical Reporting for Wholesale Divisions and Calling Cards

We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technical analysts who generate reports from the commercial and technical aspects of the telecom business. These reports assist business and technical decision making to better manage the quality and profitability of products supplied.

8. Billing Support

We are able to support all main billing platforms and can also provide solutions to clients that would like a customizable, fully granular billing system and which can help ensure you are paying the lowest possible prices for all your minutes and maximising the revenue opportunities from your clients.

For further information about our various Outsourcing Solutions, or how we can provide a free trial of our services, please call us on +44 (0) 1904 692 447.