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About Us

CNG Business Services is part of The CNG Family of Companies, a privately owned business founded in 1971 with retail, real estate and business services interests both in the UK and abroad.

Over the years, CNG Business Services has helped thousands of businesses reduce their costs. We now provide cost saving strategies for three different market segments.

Corporate Outsourcing Solutions provides a wide range of outsourced services for all sizes of company, located anywhere in the world. From our large office in Mumbai, India, we provide specialist support personnel with numerous different skill sets.

We provide a broad range of solutions including customer & help desk services, out-of-hours support, invoice processing, telemarketing, ethnic sales & marketing, retail & brand support, telecom industry NOC support, software development and database management.

Cost Reduction Solutions enables small and medium sized businesses to access our cost consultants and save money across a broad range of products & services that are used in all businesses. These include insurance, business rates & utilities. Our client base spans from retailers and hoteliers through to large distribution centre owners and legal firms.

Retail & Financial Solutions enables small and medium sized retailers to obtain products and services at the same low prices that the largest businesses obtain. We use the combined buying power of over 3,000 smaller businesses to negotiate the lowest possible prices and we share these benefits with all our customers. . All these products help retailers to grow their revenues or to increase their cashflow at the lowest possible cost.

Our corporate mission statement is: “CNG Business Services is committed to enabling all businesses in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace to become more efficient by either reducing their costs or finding ways to increase their revenue. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, should have access to the most favourable terms from first-rate suppliers. And we use the combined purchasing power of many businesses to ensure that this is the case.”

We trace the history of CNG Business Services back to 1984 when our sister company Capital News Group started helping a handful of retailers obtain preferential rates on ice-cream. The word soon spread and we were referred to thousands of retailers each of whom we helped obtain preferential terms, at no cost to them. Our business has grown a lot since then and we have used our bulk purchasing model to provide a wide range of products and services.

CNG Business Services has assumed the buying group side of Capital News Group’s operations and has expanded both the supplier and customer bases. On the back of the tremendous cost & productivity efficiencies we have enjoyed from moving our sales office function to India, we started offering our own capabilities to third parties and this was the beginning of our Corporate Outsourcing Solutions. The range of service offerings we provide has grown as a result of our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, always looking at new solutions for a client’s challenges. If you don’t see the service you are looking for listed above, just ask us. We have the skilled staff required for most requirements.

CNG Business Services management and advisors are highly respected and combine many years of retail, finance, small business and entrepreneurial acumen, along with a healthy dose of social responsibility. Together, these skills have enabled the company to recognize a market opportunity and provide highly competitive rates for all services.