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About CNG Business Services

CNG Business Services is part of the privately owned CNG Family of Companies, a privately owned business founded in 1971. The rationale of CNG Business Services is to allow smaller businesses to obtain products and services for themselves at the same low prices that the largest businesses obtain. We think it ironic that the smallest businesses, those least able to overpay for a product, are the very same customers who pay the most to a supplier, whereas the large customer with the high profits pays the least. We help to redress this balance by providing individual businesses with access to the lower costs they would not be able to negotiate themselves. As we act for so many small businesses, the suppliers provide all our customers with preferential pricing more usually reserved for their largest, most preferred customers.

Over the years, we have grown but our commitment to helping business save money has remained constant.

We now provide a wide range of outsourcing services to clients in a wide range of industries from our offices in Mumbai, India, What unites them is their acknowledgement of our high quality services at incredibly competitive prices.

How CNG Business Services Works

Both the supplier and customer benefit with CNG Business Services. Customers benefit from access to a lower cost pricing structure from their preferred suppliers. And suppliers benefit because CNG Business Services generates so many new customers for them at a much lower acquisition cost than normal. The result is win-win for all parties and it is the reason that our company is growing so quickly.

We provide outsourcing services directly from our own Mumbai, India office.

Retailer & Financial Solutions


E Top-Up

How long does it take for a customer to Top-Up?
With E Top-Up, mobile telephone airtime is automatically added to your customers’ account within seconds of them paying and for those customers who do not carry their Top-Up cards, eVouchers let customers instantly top up their mobile telephone account when they dial specific access number.

What commission do I earn for selling Top-Up services?
The commission depends on which payment provider you chose – payzone or our other leading supplier – but they are between around 2.5% and 4.0% for mobile phone Top-Ups.

Who is The Other Leading Supplier?
We are not allowed to use their name on the internet, but they are the largest E Top-Up only supplier in the country and they provide the integrated Top-Ups you can buy in a supermarket via their epos systems. We can tell you their name over the phone.

What are the differences between payzone, and the other leading supplier?
Payzone accepts payment for a wide range of utilities, products and services. They also enable you to sell SIM cards with a high commission. Their terminals do not require dedicated phone lines and so can share a line with an existing fax machine or telephone. The other supplier is primarily focused on accepting payments for mobile top-up. They tend to pay the highest retailer commissions. Their terminals can also share an existing telephone line.

Can I integrate a debit & credit card machine into the Top-Up machine?
Yes – Payzone can provide integrated chip & pin debit and credit card payment facilities from as little as £6.99 per month.

How long does it take to be set up and operational with a terminal?
It typically takes between 2-6 weeks from completing the application form to be operational. The exact time depends on the speed at which you provide the required identification documents and your bank provides the references.

How large are the terminals?
All the terminals from our various partners are compact and each have a footprint smaller than an A4 pad of paper.

Is there any after sales support?
Yes, all terminals are supported by dedicated telephone based technical support.

Do I get any help with promoting the ETU in my store?
Yes, all terminals are provided with a comprehensive point of sale merchandising by their relevant supplier.

Can I have more than one type of terminal in the same store?
No, you should select only one terminal that is best suited for your business needs. Suppliers will remove their terminals if they learn you have are dealing with more than one supplier. You should also be aware that there may be penalties to pay for any early termination of a contract.

How often are payments taken by the supplier?
Payments are taken at least twice per week directly from your bank account.

Money Transfer

What Is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is the fast, secure and reliable way to send and receive money worldwide without the need of a bank account


Why Use Money Gram?



Funds sent are available for receipt within 10 minutes, subject to the receive agent’s hours of operation and any local regulations.



No bank account or credit card is required, easy to understand transaction process.



The service is available every day, including during evenings and weekends at locations convenient for the customer.


Worldwide coverage

There are more than 347,000 agent locations in over 200 countries at which funds can be sent from or received at.


Secure and Reliable


Credit Card Machines

Which cards can you accept?
You can accept all major credit and debit cards (the preferred methods of payment in the UK today). This means you can serve more customers as you can accept their preferred payment method.

Do card paying customers spend differently from cash paying customers?
Yes. Card customers tend to spend more; often purchasing items they would not have bought if cash was the only option. By accepting credit cards, you can get increased sales and benefit from more impulse purchases.

Are there any cost savings from accepting cards?
Yes. You process less cash so you have lower bank charges and need to keep less cash on the premises, thereby improving security.

How long does it take to receive payment?
Only 3-4 days, direct into your bank account.

If I have a problem with your card system, is there anyone to provide assistance?
Yes. Our choses credit card providers have a dedicated customer service channel open Monday – Saturday, 8am – 9pm.

Are all your terminals chip and pin compliant?
Yes. This means that for customer present sales, your customer enter a PIN instead of signing, and this protects you from fraud liability.

Do you allow mail order & telephone ordering?
Yes. All our terminals offer Card Security Code (CSC) and Address Verification Service (AVS) checking. This allows you to process customer not present sales with greater peace of mind. You can check the last three digits on the back of cards (CSC) and verify the customers? addresses against the card issuer?s records (AVS) which provides you with greater protection against fraud.

Do you allow E-Commerce Transactions?
Yes, however you need an internet merchant account and a PSP (payment service provider) who will offer 3D Secure ? Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode. For E-Commerce transactions, you have access to this system which issues cardholders with passwords, so you are protected against online fraud liability.

Do you provide the facility to accept business cards?
Yes. More and more businesses are choosing cards as their preferred way to pay. If you supply other businesses, you can accept the full range of commercial cards and benefit from being paid in 3-4 days as opposed to 30 days which is the business payment norm.

Can we provide cashback?
Yes. Merchants can offer debit card customers up to £50 cashback. This helps you recycle your cash, and attracts more customers to your premises.

Are your terminals Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant?
Yes. They are all PCI compliant. All terminals offer Pan Truncation and provide receipts for both merchant and customer.

Are there any businesses you cannot provide a credit card machine for?

Yes, here are some of the key business types where we cannot provide a credit card machine:

  • All sexually orientated or pornographic merchants
  • Dating, companion and escort services (adult and non-adult)
  • Modelling Agencies (adult and non-adult)
  • Illegal activities (or peripheral support thereof, including drug paraphernalia)
  • Businesses selling using door-to-door sales or pyramid selling
  • Attendant services (bodyguards)
  • Bail Bondsmen
  • Chain letters
  • Cheque cashing
  • Fire Arms – Non face to face
  • Flea markets
  • Fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot readers etc
  • Free gift, prize, sweepstake or the winning of a contest as an inducement to purchase a
  • product or service
  • Home based businesses with non face-to-face transactions, where the merchant?s target
  • market is outside the UK
  • Non FSA regulated financial and investment programs/opportunities
  • Non Registered Charities
  • Non essential (improvement type) cosmetic surgery
  • Online sale of prescription drugs and tobacco
  • Merchants offering rebates or special incentives
  • Pawnbrokers and pawn shops
  • Private detectives
  • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals where guarantees are implied
  • Ticketing Agencies
  • Timeshare related businesses, including travel clubs
  • Third Party Payment Processors (Aggregators)

What are Commercial Cards?
These are typically business credit cards used for charging items to a business, or they are purchasing cards used by the purchasing department of Government or large corporations.

What are Premium Credit Cards?
These give the consumer additional perks for using them such as frequent flyer miles or free travel insurance, however like commercial cards, these cards are generally more expensive to process.

What is the difference between Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Credit/ Debit Cards?
It costs a different amount of money to process different types of transactions depending on the inherent risk. Chip & Pin are the cheapest type of transaction to process and they are Qualifying. Overseas cards which are not Chip & Pin are Non-Qualifying. Cardholder Not Present transactions are Non-Qualifying if done over the phone and just the card number, expiry and 3 digits from back are taken, but if the post code and house number are added, then the risk is reduced and this is a Qualifying transaction.

What are E-commerce 3D Secure Credit/ Debit Cards?
This is where an customer uses their Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure code when entering in their card details to buy something. E.g. the secret password that does not appear on their cards.

What are E-commerce Non 3D Secure Credit/ Debit Cards?
This is where a transactions is carried out without the above password/s.

What are PCISSC and PCIDSS?
PCISSC is short for Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and PCIDSS is short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Why does PCISSC and PCIDSS matter?
Every card transaction processed involves sensitive cardholder information, which has to be stored and transmitted securely. This is not only to protect your customers, but also your business from the increasing threat of card fraud.

In 2006 the card schemes, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB and Discover Card created the PCISSC. This council is an independent body that manages and maintains Payment Card Industry standards.

Merchant Services providers must now ensure that their merchants are working towards PCI DSS compliance.
Compliance with PCI DSS is mandatory for all merchants who accept cards for payment in person, on the phone and online. Failure to comply may lead to financial penalties, or withdrawal of your card acceptance facilities.

How do I comply with PCISSC and PCIDSS requirements?
The card schemes, such as MasterCard and Visa, expect Merchant Services providers to report on merchant compliance, which is why merchants much report to their provider.

Our preferred supplier has developed an online process to ensure merchants comply with the 6 principles and 12 requirements of PCIDSS.

Merchants must validate their compliance online by completing a questionnaire and submitting reports to our preferred supplier.

For security reasons, you will posted out 3 separate letters explaining PCIDSS, containing passwords and log in details for their compliance website. Compliance needs to be assessed on a yearly basis. A charge of £35.99 is payable to cover the extra costs and additional demands on resources.

Business Cash Advance

Is this actually a business loan?
No – this is a type of factoring. You are selling a proportion of your future credit & debit card receivables to a third party for a discounted amount.

Do I already need to have a credit/debit card machine to take this form of finance?
Yes. We need to see your credit card processing history first. We can help you apply for a credit card machine but you will need to use this for several months before we can consider you for this type of finance.

How easy is it to obtain funding?
Over 85% of qualified applicants who meet the basic requirements get approved.

How much money can my business qualify for?
The amount varies enormously but typically you may qualify for your monthly total debit and credit card sales – between £2,500 to over £100,000.

Can I renew my facility if I need further funds later on?
Yes, this depends on how much of your first advance is outstanding but generally after 60% has been paid from the first advance.

Can I borrow if I have seasonal business?
Yes, we will ask for your business credit and debit processing statements which show your business seasonality and then we will average the sales to calculate what you can be advanced.

Do I need to show any business plans to apply for the advance?
No, we are primarily interested in your credit & debit card sales only.

Will I get monthly statements?
Yes, you will receive monthly statements, but you can also see daily statements online.

What is unsecured finance?
Unsecured finance is a form of finance where you do not pledge or give security against any particular asset that you own.  

Disclaimer: This is a merchant cash advance and NOT a loan product.

ATM Cash Machines

How do I know if my shop is suitable for a surcharging ATM?
Cashzone will only install an ATM in a location that they feel will be beneficial to both you and them. They do not advise installing a surcharging ATM that is near to a free bank machine. They complete a free site survey at every site before installation.

You can check for yourself to ensure there are no free/ non-surcharging ATMs within 0.2miles of your site – just visit If Cashzone do not feel that the site will be profitable for both you and them, then they will not install an ATM.

How secure is the ATM?
When installed, the ATM will be securely bolted to the floor through its security container by a minimum of 4 bolts into a substantial base. Cashzone can install the ATM into wooden, stone, tile or brick floors.

What type of ATMs do Cashzone offer?
Cashzone offers new or refurbished ATMs (when available) and all models are supplied with the standard maintenance package included.

Who is responsible for insuring the ATM?
The retailer is responsible for insuring the ATM cash and the ATM site. Cashzone only supplies self-fill machines and these are a low insurance risk as they are left open at night with no cash in, like your store till. CNG Business Services can help you by providing you with a free no-obligation quotation for your business insurance. For more information on this service please visit our insurance page.

How much can I make from having a Cashzone ATM through CNG Business Services?
On average each Cashzone ATM processes 3,000 successful debit card withdrawals per year and with £0.50 commission on each withdrawal that means you receive £1,500 additional commission per year.

Do you provide any marketing support?
As with all products that CNG Business Services provides, there is comprehensive marketing support. Cashzone provides a pavement sign, A2 window poster, A5 window sticker and till wobbler that advertises the ATM. They also provide an A5 window sticker that clearly states that ‘No Cash is Left in the ATM Overnight’.

What are the technical specifications of the ATMs that you provide?
Cashzone provides two types of NCR ATMs. All brand new ATMs are Hyosung 1,500 ad 1,800 and all reconditioned ATMs are NCR EasyPoint. The technical specifications of both machines ATMs are given below.

This ATM is manufactured and supplied by Hyosung and is perfectly suitable for convenience stores, newsagents, pubs and clubs.


The ATMs Measurements

  • 18″ (46 cm) wide
  • 24.5″ (62cm) deep
  • 60″ (152cm) high
  • 5.7″ flat LCD screen offering quality graphics

Other Specifications

  • Triple DES (data encryption standard X3) compliant
  • EMV (Europay, MasterCard and VISA) compliant
  • RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant
  • 64mb memory
  • VISA Encrypting pin pad keyboard
  • Thermal graphics receipt printer
  • 2 cassettes (£10’s and £20’s)
  • Combination lock safe

EasyPoint Range
This range of ATMs is no longer in production however Cashzone still deploys reconditioned ones and that are also suitable for convenience stores, newsagents, pubs and clubs.

The ATM Measurements

18.5″ (46cm) wide
18.5″ (46cm) deep
52″ (130cm) high
7.5″ flat screen offering quality graphics

Other Specifications

  • Triple DES (data encryption standard X3) compliant
  • EMV (Europay, MasterCard and VISA) compliant
  • 32mb memory
  • VISA Encrypting pin pad keyboard
  • Thermal graphics receipt printer
  • CD ROM enabled
  • 2 cassettes (£10’s and £20’s)
  • Key lock safe
  • Enhanced pedestal


What types of locations are suitable for a photocopier?

  • Post Offices
  • Convenience Stores
  • Newsagents
  • Pharmacies
  • Off Licences
  • Petrol Service Stations
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Internet Cafes

Why would I want a photocopier in my shop?

A photocopier acts as a magnet for people, especially students and older people. It will bring more people to your shop and they will buy other things from you at the same time. And, you have the benefit of increased cash-flow as a result.

How many copies do I need to make per month?
A typical site will do about 1,250 copies per month but a busy high street location can easily do several times this amount.

What type of machine do you supply?
We only supply digital Toshiba photocopiers – usually the 16S model.

What features do your photocopiers have?
Reliable machine that is quick and simple to use
Print, copy & scan speeds of at least 16 pages per minute
Compact and stylish A4 / A3 multifunctional device for choice of paper size
A4/A3 Enlargement / Reduction facility
Small footprint with integral storage for spare paper & toner supplies
Machine fitted with staff-controlled copy counter & on/off master switch

Can you supply a colour photocopier?
Yes – if a site is busy enough, we can supply a colour copier.

How much space do I need?
Our units are compact and typical dimensions for a Toshiba 16S are 530mm (W) x 550mm (D) x 1015mm (H)

How does the application process work?
Once you let us know you are interested, a site agent will visit you to assess your location for suitability and will have the application form to sign. Once your application and credit have been checked, you will be contacted for delivery and installation of the copier. You can be offering this service to your customers in your store in just a few weeks.

How do you know how many copies I make?
We will call you monthly to ask for the photocopier meter reading. You only pay for the copies your customers make and not for any machine-spoilt ones.

Cheque Cashing

How large is the cheque cashing market?
Cheque cashing is a £1billion business.

What is the typical cheque for?
65% of Cheque Exchange’s cheques are for wages.

What types of businesses are suitable for cheque cashing?
Convenience stores, newsagents, financial services stores and many more with just a high street presence.

How much does it cost to become a cheque cashing agent?
Apart from the £110 Money Service Business registration fee paid directly to the HMRC, the service is provided free of charge.

What are the benefits to me?
Great commissions, no capital outlay, increased footfall, increased profits and all at no risk!

Online Payment Gateway

Core Functionality

How can I accept Card Payments?
Our Card Payment channels currently support:

Which card types can I accept?
As a principal acquiring Members of VISA and MasterCard, we can approve your merchant account, enabling you to accept the different card types listed below:

Which currencies can I accept?
Our payment acceptance is available in the following currencies at no additional cost:

  • Pounds Sterling – GBP
  • US Dollar – USD
  • Euros – EUR
  • Canadian Dollar – CAD
  • Hong Kong Dollar – HKD
  • Singapore Dollar – SGD
  • Australian Dollar – AUD
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham – AED
  • Swiss Franc – CHF
  • Danish Krone -DKK
  • Japanese Yen – JPY
  • New Zealand Dollar- NZD
  • Norwegian Krone- NOK
  • Swedish Krona – SEK
  • South African Rand – ZAR

Product-Specific Functionality

Can more than one individual from my business use these services?
Yes, Virtual Terminal and e-Invoicing can be set up with multiple logins.
CashFlows Portable can be downloaded by as many of your team as you want (please note however it does not currently work with iOS 6). You just need to enter the business’ API login details into the first page you access when the app is downloaded.

What is e-Invoicing?
The CashFlows e-Invoicing service is the most efficient way your customers can pay by allowing your business to send both PDF and HTML invoices to your customers by email. They can then instantly settle their invoices via our secure payment pages online using their credit or debit card or using the VoicePay service. The funds from settled invoices are paid directly into your CashFlows Account.

What is On4 Store Builder?
On4 is our e-commerce store builder that helps you set up your e-business. On4 is a feature rich, flexible and cost effective way to build an online store designed for business people with limited web development knowledge, and builds complex e-commerce stores quickly and easily. Features include: stock control, order processing, tax calculation, shipping rates, discounting, and key event emailing and reporting.

What is a Virtual Terminal and how does the Mobile Terminal work?
CashFlows’ Virtual Terminal is a simple and secure solution, ideal for accepting payments over the phone or by mail order. You simply need to enter the card and cardholder details into a secure webpage, which connects to the CashFlows for authorisation. Processing transactions takes just a few seconds and a response is sent back to confirming the transaction response. The Virtual Terminal is browser based and provides a high level of transaction security.

The Mobile Virtual Terminal can be accessed at
To log into the Mobile Virtual Terminal, a customer just enters their standard account system log in details. It is available on all handset types

Once Live…

How do I change my contact details?
To change your primary or technical contact details or your business address please email us on
We can only accept changes to your contact details if the email requesting the change comes from the primary contact registered for your account.

How do I reset my password?
To request that your password is re-set and/or that your account is “unlocked” (if you have input an incorrect password 3 or more times) please email

Cost Reduction Solutions


Business Rates Appeals

  • What are business rates?
  • Business rates are a tax on your property based on its rental value as at 1 April 2008. The Valuation Office Agency is responsible for assessing the rateable value of all non-domestic properties in England and Wales. The Assessor has the same task in Scotland. Your Local Council collects the business rates based on the rateable value, uniform business rate and transitional and other reliefs.
  • Can I appeal my business rates?
  • All properties were revalued from 1 April 2010 in England, Wales and Scotland. In England and Wales you can still appeal your rateable value. In Scotland initial appeals had to be made by 30th September 2010 and now there are only limited circumstances in which appeals can be made.
  • What is a business rates appeal?
  • This is an appeal made to the Valuation Office Agency in England and Wales or the Assessor in Scotland to challenge the rateable value which is used to calculate your business rates liability. The grounds for an appeal will challenge the accuracy of the rating assessment and will take into account evidence of rental values on the property itself and in the locality and any changes to the property or locality which may affect rental values and therefore the rateable value.
  • Can everyone use your service?
  • No, in general we cannot help businesses that occupy one property with a rateable value of less than £20,000. For properties with smaller rateable values in England, Wales and Scotland a small business rate relief scheme operates. Occupiers will be eligible for this relief if they occupy only one business property and the rateable value of that property is below a certain level. Eligibility for relief should be checked with your local Council who administer the scheme.
  • What happens if my property is empty?
  • Empty property rate relief will apply. Office and retail properties will be exempt from rate payment for three months from first becoming vacant and industrial properties exempt from paying rates for six months from the date of first becoming vacant. Thereafter 100% rates is payable. There are other circumstances where properties may be exempt and again full details can be checked with your local Council.
  • When is the next rating revaluation?
  • The next scheduled revaluation is 1st April 2015 however the Government are currently considering proposals to postpone the revaluation to the 1st April 2017 and it is likely that this will be the case. There are similar proposals for Scotland.

Electricity & Gas

  • How much notice do I have to give my existing supplier if I wish to change?
  • You must give your current supplier at least 4 weeks’ notice prior to the expiration of your current contract that you are considering changing supplier. Some suppliers need 90 or even 120 days notice. You should check the specific terms of your current contract but most require at least this period of notice otherwise your supplier may be entitled to automatically renew your contract at a much higher rate. It does not matter if you serve notice to your current supplier and then after you receive the renewal quotes you decide to continue with your current supplier. You have at least protected yourself and preserved your ability to choose the most appropriate contract by giving the contractually required notice.
  • Am I allowed to change electricity and gas supplier whenever I want?
  • You can certainly change suppliers whenever you like as long as you are not under contract with a particular supplier. If you are under contract, you must refer to your specific terms & conditions and serve the relevant notice.
    Since deregulation of the energy markets in late 1998, changing supplier to obtain a more favourable rate for electricity or gas has become commonplace. Thousands of businesses change electricity and gas supplier every month and lower their bills. We do the hard work for you by sourcing the most competitive electricity or gas supplier for your type of business.


  • How long does it take to obtain a quote ?
  • Many smaller businesses can receive a quotation over the phone, however if your business is larger or your cover requirements are more complex it may require a visit. Arthur J. Gallagher will explain this during your call and if relevant will seek make an appointment with you at the soonest convenient time .
  • Do you deal with more than one insurer ?
  • Yes, Arthur J. Gallagher is one of the world’s leading insurance brokers and have access to many insurers and also to Lloyds of London.
  • If I have any questions after I have taken out a policy is there support available ?
  • Yes when you receive your documents from Arthur J. Gallagher, it will contain their contact details for you
  • I am a larger customer, will I get a personal service ?
  • When you discuss your requirements with Arthur J. Gallagher, you will be advised if a visit is necessary. If that is the case then one of Arthur J. Gallagher’s Client Executives will handle everything personally for you.

Office Supplies

  • Do I open the account with CNG Business Services and the supplier?
  • No, you just open the account with the supplier and then you order directly from them.
  • Can your supplier deliver nationwide?
  • Yes, our supplier can deliver nationwide
  • How long does it take to open an account?
  • An account can be open in only a couple of days
  • What if I want to buy something which is not on the list of items initially submitted?
  • Just ring your account manager to request a specially reduced rate. The reductions that will apply will depend on whether an item is OEM or a high-quality generic.

Telephone Calls

  • When did it become possible to switch telephone supplier?
  • Deregulation in the telephone markets began in 1984, but it is only much more recently that switching telephone supplier has come within the reach of most businesses. Like switching electricity supplier, switching telephone supplier is an easy, and much misunderstood process.
  • How does switching suppliers actually work?
  • Switching supplier is also known as Carrier Pre-Selection, or CPS. CPS entails all telephone calls you make being automatically re-routed at your local exchange to the new supplier, but you maintain the telephone line and telephone number with British Telecom. BT will still own, run and send you bills for your line rental, and your secondary CPS supplier will bill you for calls made through them.
  • Can I switch my line provider too?
  • Yes, of course you can. We can help you save money on your line rental, as well as the call costs. Plus, we can save you money on your broadband too,
  • Do I keep the same number if I change supplier?
  • Yes, your number stays the same and you will notice no difference in the service provided.

Corporate Outsourcing Solutions


Do I need to worry about holiday cover?

No, we ensure there is sufficient cover for your project at all times.

Can you provide services at any time of the day?

Yes, we operate 24/7 so can always staff a project at any time of the day. For some products, customer interaction is necessary in the evenings and weekends and we can happily provide this reach.

What are the typical cost savings?

Every quote is bespoke, but it is worth remembering that your costs savings include not just labour but all the overheads that go with it – eg national insurance, office space, telecommunications, computer, transport and holiday & sickness cover – all of which add thousands of pounds to the cost of employing someone.

It is not all about cost savings though, that is only part of the equation. Instead, there are tremendous efficiency savings as your employees are free to pursue more value enhancing activities and concentrate on winning new business rather than having to worry about back office functions which are not your core competency.

I am not in the UK, can we still use your services?

Yes, we provide services to clients throughout the world. Everyone likes efficiency savings.

What is the procedure if I am interested in trialing your services?

First, we will seek to understand exactly what you would like us to assist with. Once we all agree on the scope of duties, we will provide you with a quote for using our services. If you are interested, we will provide a free trial to demonstrate the benefits we can bring to your organisation.

What Industries does Corporate Outsourcing Solutions support?

While we have grown from the retail industry and firmly have a root there, we now support a wide range of industries, from telecom though to pharmaceutical.