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Cost Reduction Solutions

Cost Reduction Solutions enables small and medium sized businesses to access our cost consultants and save money across a broad range of products & services that are used in all businesses. These include insurance, business rates & utilities. Our client base spans from retailers and hoteliers through to large distribution centre owners and legal firms.

Our expense reduction analysts have a track record for successfully reducing costs for our clients.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Our expense reduction analysts can work with you to reduce the costs of one overhead, or indeed all your overheads, the choice is entirely yours. The impact of our cost reduction solutions is immediately seen in your P&L account.

In the left hand menu, you can see the list of various products & services for which we already have pre-negotiated preferential pricing.

There is no net cost to you for using our services – our fees are already included in the low prices we can obtain for you. If you are a larger customer, we will negotiate bespoke pricing for you.

Once we advise you of the pricing we can give you, the choice is yours – we appreciate you know what’s best for your business. And as we only earn our fees from the savings we provide to you, you can be assured we are always searching for the largest business cost savings for you.

Our expense reduction analysts save our clients an average of 23% on back office costs.

To find out how you could join them, talk to a business expense reduction specialist for free on 0800 083 9374