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CNG Business Services have established a successful partnership with Cashzone in order to provide Self-Fill ATMs on either a low-cost Rental or Purchase basis.

Working with Cashzone, the industry leading ATM providers, allows us to work with you to tailor the right ATM model for your business needs. With more than 20,000 cash machines across the country, Cashzone provide reliable ATM solutions to the nation’s retailers, banks, petrol stations, food & drink outlets and many other locations.

CNG Business Services is pleased to offer the following exclusive packages where you earn commissions on the convenience fee charged for each successful debit card cash withdrawal, including on a free placement deal where you pay no rental!

Here are the four different solutions that we can provide:

Free to Use ATM – Fully Managed

Free to Use ATM – Self-Fill

Surcharge ATM – Fully Managed

Surcharge ATM – Self-Fill

Reasons to have an ATM:

Increased footfall – has a positive impact on customer footfall as they attract more customer visits to a store than, for example the sale of magazines or sandwiches

Increased in-store spend – Convenience store retailers have seen customers increase their average spend by 65% after using an in-store cash machine, with the average spend of £5.64 per visit in a store rising to an average spend of £8.99 from an ATM user

Increased customer loyalty – as many as 68% of consumers assume that an ATM will be provided in-store and expressed disappointment when there was no in-store access to cash

Provides an additional revenue source – you can earn up to £0.95 per successful debit card cash withdrawal

Recycles your cash and thus significantly reduces your cash-handling charges from your bank.

Why should a retailer choose Cashzone?

No Investment needed

  • Zero Rental
  • Cashzone will also cover the cost of phone line

The best solution

  • We chose the best solution for every customer every time based on individual site visits and consultation

The best machine

  • The smallest footprint on the market, so we can drive great profit per square foot
  • The most reliable machine on the market: uptime = profit for you, the retailer
  • Excellent security measures, and full site assessment to ensure site is appropriate

The best service

  • From sign up through to installation and on-going management
  • Customer service excellence

Cashzone offers our customers four distinct ATM solutions depending on what works best



Four very different cash machine solutions depending on what is best for you.

We help select the right solution on a customer by customer basis, we will always drive the right solution rather than driving you in one direction.

Please note that Cashzone’s preferred ATM offering in an external, through the wall installation, for which they will apply for Planning Permission.

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Different benefits to different solutions

Where the retailer fills the ATM

  • Saves time to walk to bank and risk of theft on the way
  • Money in account within 3 days
  • Saves the banking charges (up to 80p per £100 paid in)

Where the ATM charges a surcharge

  • Merchant can earn commission based on withdrawals
  • Commission depends on surcharge level, which depends on store characteristics and distance to nearest ATMs
  • Much more commission if merchant fills machine

Where the ATM is free to use

  • Free to use machine drives a large increase in foot fall into a store, and can lead to >10% increase in store revenue (and >10% increase in what customers buy)
  • No commission (or very minimal by exception) if we fill the cash. A small commission if merchant refills the cash

What are the requirements to qualify for an ATM?

Greenfield Sites – No ATM in store

Free To Use ATM Surcharge ATMs
£12,000 + turnover per week £7,000 + turnover per week


Store Propositions – stores having one or more of the following: utility payment services, lottery and money transfer tend to do best

Cash Drivers in Area – Betting Shops, Pubs, Takeaways

Location – High Footfall Area -Space for parking, Parade of shops, Schools, Universities, Housing Estates

Competitor ATMs – no cash machines within 0.20 miles

If you would like more information about ATM services supplied through CNG Business Services and Cashzone, please call us on 0800 083 9374

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